Our efforts are focused on licensing the refining technology in the 450 million metric ton global
    vegetable oil market for pretreating and refining crude vegetable oils into food grade oils. Of the
    gross production volume, over 1.6 billion gallons are lost each year in low value soapstock created
    as a byproduct of current vegetable oil processing methods. This yield loss alone equates to $4
    billion annually.

    We will also seek opportunities for licensing in the global biodiesel refining market where over 4
    billion gallons of refining capacity sits idle due to curable inefficiencies in the refining process that
    are eliminated by the Fiber Reactor™.

    Retrofitting first generation vegetable oil or biodiesel refineries with the Fiber Reactor™ enables
    producers to upgrade inefficient technology while leveraging the site, infrastructure, equipment
    and logistics of your existing operation. Whether you choose a pretreatment solution for
    vegetable oils or a fully integrated solution for biodiesel production, we offer a very efficient and
    cost effective way to improve performance, reduce costs, increase flexibility and substantially
    improve profitability. It is a very viable technology for any producer to create a competitive
    advantage in the marketplace.

    Advantages of the Fiber Reactor™ Retrofit:
    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Reduced material costs, upgrading low value feedstocks
    • Leveraging existing equipment and infrastructure
    • Reduced engineering, permitting and construction time
    • Speed to market due to short cycle time

    Additionally, as increasing global demand for renewable fuels absorbs and exceeds current
    capacity, we will place increasing emphasis on the market for new refinery construction. Recent
    studies show our technology reduces capital costs of new refinery installations by more than 50%.
    Although this is partially achieved in reduced equipment costs, there are also significant reductions
    in site requirements due to a compact footprint and to utility infrastructure costs. The Fiber
    Reactor™ requires approximately 20 % of the site area and less than 20% of the energy required
    for a conventional refinery of equal capacity.

    Advantages of the Fiber Reactor™ for New Construction:
    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Reduced material costs, upgrading low value feedstocks
    Compact site requirements
    • Reduced capital cost
    Unlimited scalability
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